Scarpa Terra GTX Mens Review

10 Fit
7 Sole
10 Waterproofing
10 Weight
9 Ventilation

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to the important features their walking boots must possess. Without a doubt no one would disagree with the fact walking boots have to be comfortable, durable and able to withstand the weather.

Having had the Scarpa Terra GTX for 1 year and taken them up mountains in Snowdonia and through rivers in Yellowstone. I believe I’m in a very good position to give my unbiased opinion.


Having tried on over ten brands of walking boots during the discovery process, only one stood out as a comfortable first fit. It’s soft lining feels as though your foot slides into a down pocket, it’s like foot heaven. Most shoes I expect to be a little uncomfortable at first but there was no wearing in period from my experience.


The sole is the least substantial thing about this boot, and from what I can gather is a principal reason this sits as it’s entry boot. It used a Vibram sole which is renowned for it’s waterproofing. I’ve tested on wet slippery rocks, shale hillsides and haven’t had any issues from my everyday use. It doesn’t have deep grooves for grip which could cause issues when pushing it to the limit on steep hikes.


These boots use GoreTex combined with a tough leather to ensure water hasn’t got a chance of ruining your hike. I’ve not had a single instance of water leakage, these are 100% waterproof.


These are really lightweight boots at 1210g, the next boot up in the Scarpa range is 1578g which is almost 400g heavier and very noticeable. After walking around for hours on end you don’t get a heavy feeling in your foot. A really good all day boot, I rarely need to stop and take these off.


As I mentioned these boots are great and can be worn all day, even in 30 degree heat you won’t suffer in these boots.

I know this review may sound overly positive, I only seem to review things when I like them. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.


  • Hi, I have just bought these boots for my son for walking around snowdonia and Scotland etc but have read they are more suitable for lighter trails. I’m interested to know what your feeling were.


    • Hi Neil,

      I read that before buying and was concerned but honestly I thought they were perfect on all levels of terrain. This may impact durability but mine are over 2 years old and still have plenty of life in them. I wouldn’t be too worried! How did they fare?


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