We are two successful professionals in London, and we love what we do. But life could be better. There is no denying that the pressures, stresses and constant buzz of the city and the confines of the office weigh down on a person’s spirit and their health. It is a constant struggle to de-stress and combat the effects of a very sedentary society and lifestyle.

But our feral instincts to roam and explore define us. We are always out seeking adventure, hiking and biking through incredible corners of the earth and catching waves on all kinds of stunning beaches, rugged to sandy and sun-soaked. So we’re building our escape van to make making-a-run-for-it that much easier at the weekends and for extended holidays.

We are not the first people to do this, not by a long shot. But we’re not aiming for firsts or anything special. In fact, we’re really glad there is now a wealth of resources helping us on the build of our adventure camper van. So how about this: we’ll research the thing, do the thing, share the whole thing and hopefully you’ll follow us on our journey and learn a thing, or at least be a tad bit inspired. Every additional resource out there will help you on your own mission to explore, live and do more, should you choose to accept it.