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How to get to Norway from the UK on a Roadtrip

You’ve picked Norway, great choice!

I still can’t get over our 3 week trip to the country, so much so that for the first time in our life we may have a somewhat detailed travel plan for our extended trip next year.

When we departed our trip this year we took the first route Google gave us. Now while I am a fan of Google maps it sadly completely overlooked the most efficient way to get to Norway.

We drove to Norway via Copenhagen over the bridge to Malmo and then up the coast, past Gothenburg  and into Norway where we then swung by Oslo and headed west.

At the time we had no idea that this was totally unnecessary.

As we headed west towards Bergen/Stavanger to the best hiking regions we drove around 250 more miles than we would have done if we’d taken the ferry from Hirtshals to either Kristiansund, Larvik, Stavanger. London to trolltunga via ferry is 1200 miles, via road only is 1450.

On top of that is the cost of the bridges in Denmark.

On this route you’ll pass over two, the first is around a £45 fee and the second was £103. In total the best part of £150. (Assuming you’re in a motorhome/van conversion)

Best way to get to Norway from the UK

The ferry is £134 one way…. it’s as simple as this, this is the best route to take.

So in total it costs more, takes longer and puts more miles on your engine to travel the entire way via road.

I would highly recommend to take the ferry for anyone planning a road trip to Norway, while we loved our camp spots on the west coast of Sweden it would have been nice to not have to spend an additional 5 hours and £100 or so pounds in fuel to get there, it’s already far enough!

The ferry to Kristiansund is the fastest at 3hrs 15mins and will put you within a few hours of some of Norways most famous hikes. e.g. Trolltunga, Priekostolen, Keragsboten.

We travelled to Larvik 3hrs 45min which is a lovely little town and has a great camp spot a few miles from the ferry terminal.

The ferry to Stavanger puts you in the heart of a vibrant Norwegian city.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments!

By Will Cecil

I am an avid outdoors-man and adventure addict. I love travelling, I'm currently confined to being a weekend warrior and along with Emily seek breathtaking vistas and new experiences.

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