Best Windproof Lighters

Whether you’re a hiker, smoker, fisherman or all round adventure seeker a windproof lighter is an essential bit of kit to have. Having been caught out in a storm in Teton National Park in gale force winds and rain and not having a windproof lighter don’t make the same mistake we did!

Top 5 Windproof Lighter Picks

1) Zippo

zippo lighterFounded 85 years ago , half a billion Zippos have been sold around the world since then. The only lighter on this list which burns with a wick, all Zippo lighters consist of a wick with a wind proof casing. Fuel is constantly delivered to the wick and is ignited through the flint.

Having a distinguishable clink when opening, you’ll often hear a Zippo sound in films when people go to set gasoline on fire! We love the lifetime manufacturers warranty, easy to find fuel and excellent durability and above all consistent ability to perform in all winds.

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2) VVAY Jet Lighter

jet lighterJet lighters use a combination of two jet flames to overcome wind and rain. These flames burn hot and have to power heat up a lot! Running on butane this lighter is easy to refill and comes in a range of stylish and rugged options.

Looking online at peoples reviews, we felt this was a good picture of this lighter. “Solid build, works well and powerful. The small window to check the fuel levels is very inaccurate, but at the rate at which it burns through it anyway, you should always have a refill for it anyway and it’s powerful enough that a couple seconds is long enough to set wood or charcoal alight.”

Fill it up before hitting the trails and this will keep you sorted for a long weekend.

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3) Coil Lighter – Arc Lighter, VVAY Electric Lighter Rechargeable Double Arc Flameless

tesla coil lighterCoil or plasma lighters are the latest in lighter technology on this list. By using a highly charged spark this lighter works in all winds. Coil lighters use the principle of a tesla coil in a micro format in order to produce a high voltage but low current plasma. They’re able to light, paper, rope, small kindling, cigarettes with ease and this lighter per charge will last 200 cigarettes, a very non standard unit of measurement I know!

This VVAY lighter is one of the highest rated coil lighters on Amazon and being able to be charged from any USB device this lighter gets our seal of approval.

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4) Double Arc USB Lighter –  Frosted Ultra Thin Matte Electronic Arc Lighter,

As plasma lighters are so effective our fourth spot goes to a competitor who has created an ultra stylish design on a rugged matte body. This is particularly useful when it’s wet and you’re trying to get your fire lit.

Tesla coil are very effective at lighting gas stoves because of their very high temperature even the smallest concentration of gas in the ignition area is enough to

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5) True Utility Turbo Jet Lighter

true utility turbojetThe True Utility Turbo Jet Lighter is the classic windproof lighter design the majority of people will recognise. Having been around for years this classic lighter has been tried in tested in all scenarios.

While new challengers have emerged and taken some of the market share, the low cost, ease of use factor of this lighter continues to prevail. With one turbo flame this lighter is able to light in all conditions and is a very solid choice to add to your adventure pack!

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We hope you like our choice of windproof lighters, if you have any recommendations let us know.

In the meantime check out of recommended gear in our gear picks section! Have a good time on your next adventure!