Top 25 Travel Instagrammers You Should Follow

1. Christian McLeod

Christian McLeod: photographer. director. Writer
From America and Ireland, an Ocean Adventure and Lifestyle Creative. Creating imagery and written content that represents a location or a lifestyle accurately or with dream-like aesthetics. Look for oceans in much of Christian’s work, but all taken from a unique perspective.

Username: christianmcld

Anyone out there from Mexico? ????????

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2. Sam Horine

Photographer from New York City
Travel photographer. Many of his images are urban landscapes, especially in and around New York. His focus is on those places society has forgotten: deserted factories, back alleys, graffiti streets, wilderness

Username: samhorine

3. Kirsten Alana

Photographer, traveler, writer, encourager, geek, Francophile and culture connoisseur.

username: kirstenalana

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4. Murad Osmann

Although based out of Moscow, Murad travels the world with his girlfriend and model. His speciality is taking a beautiful image over his girl friend’s shoulder while she walks in front of him. They are always holding hands as she is leading him to their destination.

username: muradosmann

5. Matthew Karsten

Perpetual full-time adventure travel blogger & photographer who’s been exploring the world for over 6 years. He wants to share his experiences to show people how to travel the world while seeking experiences rather than possessions.

username: expertvagabond

6. Oliver Vegas

Born in Barcelona, now working is freelance professional photographer working with major blue chip companies while travelling the world, finding new locations, grasping their passion and transmitting their beauty through the power of the image.

username: ovunno

When the sun goes up…. I stood in the cold just to remember, new steps for travel. #ENAMORADOSdeSUIZA

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7. Gabriela

Living her belief that staying in the same place for too long is boring, she looks for new perspectives on familiar places, taking that old “reflected in a puddle” photo cliché to a brand new level. She takes well composed snapshots showing a transient moment captured in time.

username: gmateus

8. Kent and Canaan Reiersgaard

These guys have spent 10 years travelling and writing about their experiences. They have contributed to Expedia’s view of exotic places but they still believe that No Vacation is Required to see the hidden passion of a special location.

username: NVRguys

Pride season!

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9. Andrew Evans

Formerly working as a Digital Nomad for National Geographic – surely one of the coolest job titles in the world. Andrew now works as a travel writer and uses his iPhone exclusively to capture the essence of the places he visits.

username: wheresandrew

10. Kiersten Rich

Leaving behind her previous world of corporate finance, Kiersten travels the world capturing her moments of pure fun on her travel-and-style Instagram account. She specialises in documenting the kind of places that solo female travellers will feel safe and giving tips on how to enjoy them to their fullest.

username: theblondeabroad

11. Annette White

Annette decided she’d start ticketing off things on her Bucket List. Visiting 45 countries was high up on the list, so she’s currently living the list. She’s turning her journey into a travel and style blog with advice for fellow travellers on how to make the most of the areas she visits.

username: BucketListJourney

12. Mark Wiens

Look through Marks� Instagram account and you’ll see he features images of exotic food that he encounters during his journey across the world. He calls himself a full-time travel eater. His web site shares tips on food and travel. He believes in doing what you are passionate about.

username: migrationology

Ultra crispy, slow roasting pork knuckles, wow, it was good! #GermanFood #Munich

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13. Cole Rise

Working as a travel photographer and self-styled “escape artist”, Cole also brings a creative eye to the corporate assignments he undertakes. In his work you’ll see natural landscapes and man-made structures re-imagined as complex geometric puzzles with a touch of irreverence and humour.

username: colerise

14. Jared Chambers

Growing up in the great American outdoors has clearly influenced Jared’s view of the world. His images are filled with panoramic vistas. Currently ranked in the top 15 most influential Instagrammers h has worked with a host of lifestyle companies and tourist authorities who appreciate his unique, minimalist take on the natural world.

username: jaredchambers

A post shared by Jared Chambers (@jaredchambers) on

15. Le Postcard

Founded by travel journalist, Stephanie Steinman, Le Postcard promises to reveal the travel habits of the world’s global jetsetters. The Instagram account supports a business which offers access to exclusive style, beauty and travel products associated with those who frequent the world’s coolest hotels, restaurants and boutiques.

username: lepostcard

"The things that we love tell us what we are." ~ Thomas Aquinas ❤️????❤️❤️ #puglia #italy

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16. Carin Olsson

Swedish photographer Carin moved to Paris for 4 months to learn the language and get to know the city. She fell in love with the place and decided to move their permanently. She now works in high end style and fashion – a natural fit for a skilled professional.

username: parisinfourmonths

Shooting in an empty @Museeorsay together with @Louisvuitton the other day is something I won't forget anytime soon ????

A post shared by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on

17. Marta

Marta describes herself as a girl with itchy feet and a love for adventure. Based in London, she aims to encourage and inspire other people to travel. Her web site shows you how and where to travel, regardless of your budget.

username: a_girlwhotravels

Somewhere between a dream and reality ✨

A post shared by Marta | A Girl Who Travels (@a_girlwhotravels) on

18. Laurence & Jessica Norah

As travel bloggers and photographers Laurence and Jessica advise independent travellers, with a focus on luxury travel, cultural discoveries and history. Their account combines mountains and museums, coastlines and cathedrals, landscapes and lodgings.

username: lozula

19. Hiroaki Fukuda

Hiroaki Fukuda is a freelance photographer from Tokyo who discovered his love for photography in New York. His passion for photography comes from his obsession with light and his love of travel. A lot of his work is set in urban landscapes, turning the mundane into extraordinary.

username: hirozzzz

20. Lonely Planet

One of the world’s foremost travel authorities for those who want to go a little off the beaten track, you’d expect them to be working on their Instagram game. Their images don’t disappoint.

username: lonelyplanet

21. A Lady In London

One more former financier, now turned to professional traveller! Although based in London, this California native still travels the world. She blogs, writes and speaks about travel.

username: aladyinlondon

I've had such a good time exploring more of England this summer. My trip to Cambridge was magical ????

A post shared by A Lady in London (@aladyinlondon) on

22. Chris Burkard

This guy’s photos are all about the outdoors, all about the landscape, all about making the most of nature. You can expect wide open skies, moody mist, dramatic coastlines and Northern Lights.

username: chrisburkard

23. Passion Passport

As an experiment in user-generated content, this account is a fascinating melange of striking images. It presents a curated view of image that have been sent to their twitter account.

username: passionpassport

24. Foster Huntington

In complete contrast to Passion Passport, Foster’s Instagram follows him as he travels the USA in his camper van. A very personal odyssey.

username: fosterhunting

On the road in Northern California

A post shared by Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) on

25. Matthias James Barker

Matthias presents his own personal, quirky view of the world. As he says: “I take photos that I like and then I post them here”.

username: matthiasjbarker

Taking our time

A post shared by Matthias James Barker (@matthiasjbarker) on

top travel instagrammers

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