The Best 6 Camping Blankets of 2022

If you need a new camping blanket but don’t have time to do research, you’re in luck. We investigated and compared the best 6 camping blankets on the market to help you find the best product for your needs.

When making our list, we considered outer materials, warming materials, and features. Sleeping in a hammock or tent, in wet or dry conditions, in cold or warm weather? We guarantee you’ll find the perfect camping blanket with the help of our buying guide.

Our Pick of the Best 6 Camp Blankets of 2021

#1. Best Down Camping Blanket: Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket

The best down camping blanket on our list is the Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket. This puffy quilt is 80/20 insulating, sustainable 650-fill duck feathers. The outer shell is made of 20D ripstop nylon and with a durable water repellant, making it tear and water-resistant.

Lightweight at 1.1 pounds, it compresses down into the included stuff sack for easy carrying. The dimensions of this blanket are 50” wide by 77” long. Need to go hands-free? Simply button the 3 snaps on your front so you can still move freely.

Lay this quilt directly on the ground and it will resist grass stains, dirt, sand, and pet hair. To clean, simply throw in a top-load washer and any dryer on low heat. You won’t be left hanging like you would with a line-dry blanket.

The Get Out Gear blanket comes in 5 colors so you can match it to the rest of your camping gear. Choose between black, blue, grey, olive, and orange.

Best Down Camping Blanket

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  • Each square on the quilt is filled with an equal amount of down
  • Included 5” x 12” stuff sack with heavy-duty clasp
  • Protects users from morning dew and tent condensation


  • Best for cool, but not cold temperatures

#2. Best Cold Weather Camping Blanket: Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

The Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is the warmest on our list. You can use this 80% wool/20% hypoallergenic synthetic blanket for temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect to keep in your car during winter and emergency kits.

Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, this warm, thick blanket is the heaviest on the list. That being said, there are many reasons to choose wool. These include dry warmth in wet weather, natural flame-retardant material, and long lifespan.

With dimensions of 64” wide and 88” long, the blanket is big enough for 2 people. To clean, the Arcturus can be machine washed with a wool detergent and hung to dry. For personalization, this blanket comes in 3 colors: military grey, navy, and olive green.

Best Cold Weather Camping Blanket

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  • Can be used safely in all forms of precipitation
  • Triple washed by the manufacturer for a softer blanket than the competitors
  • Great for use around the campfire due to natural flame-retardant properties


  • Does not compress
  • Washing the blanket by hand is recommended for a longer life
  • Will shed and smell bad the first few washes

#3. Best Camping Blanket Waterproof: Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

The Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket is the best waterproof blanket on our list. The inside is lined with ultra-soft Sherpa fleece to retain body heat. The outside is constructed from 100% water-resistant, wind-proof, breathable nylon for use in any climate.

This camping blanket is foldable to the size of a yoga mat and includes a Velcro strap. Simply roll up the product like a sleeping bag to reveal the Velcro snap. At 2-pounds, this makes it easy to carry from your vehicle to your campsite or even on a backpacking trip.

There are two different sizes for purchase. The first is 51” wide and 59” long and can fit up to 2 people on top for sitting and underneath for warmth. The second has dimensions of 59” wide by 80” long and can fit 3 to 4 people.

Did we mention the Tirrinia is machine washable and machine dryable? No more waiting around for days for your blanket to airdry. The blanket comes in 2 colors: black/grey and navy/grey.


Best Camping Blanket Waterproof

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  • Keeps you dry when laid on wet grass or snow
  • Soft and warm for temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Takes a long time to dry in a dryer
  • Fleece side attracts leaves, pet hair, and other debris
  • Must roll tightly to be able to attach the Velcro strap
  • Velcro easily gets stuck on the soft fleece

#4. Best Fleece Camping Blanket: Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket

If you want a blanket that can handle precipitation, look no further than the Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket. The outside is 100% polyester with a double polyurethane coating for water, wind, and sand proofing. The inside is soft, plush fleece for a cozy body-feel.

The Oceas weighs 2.1 pounds and when fully opened is 58” wide by 79” long. That’s light enough to pack for a day hike and large enough to cover 3 people! Despite the sizeable dimensions, it compresses to 7” x 15” to fit inside the included carrying bag.

In terms of colors, you can choose between royal blue, stormy grey, and volcanic red. To clean, simply throw in your washer and hang to dry.

Best Fleece Camping Blanket

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compactability
  • Included portable bag with handle


  • Outer fabric is not connected to inner fabric so fleece shifts inside the blanket
  • Noisy outer cover sounds like a tarp

#5. Best Lightweight Hiking Blanket: KingCamp Outdoor Camping Blanket

Lightweight and warm, the KingCamp Outdoor Camping Blanket is perfect for day trips, backpacking excursions, and car camping. The inside of the blanket is stuffed with 620 fill power down alternative, while the outside is made of water-resistant, stainproof 20D nylon.

This alternative fiber-filled blanket flawlessly mimics natural down without the potential for allergies or feather loss. There are 2 different sizes available to fit your body: 40” wide by 60” long, and 54” wide by 69” long.

The lighter option weighs a measly .55 pounds and packs down to 9.44” x 5.9”. The heavier option weighs only .97 pounds and folds down to 12.6” x 8.7” x 3.5”. The carrying pouch is attached, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing it.

As an added bonus, the KingCamp buttons using snaps. In seconds, you can make this blanket into a hands-free poncho for cooking meals or sitting around the campfire. In fact, the snaps run all the way down to transform this blanket into a sleeping bag. No need to bring both!

To clean, pop in your washer then your dryer on low heat. There are multiple colors available so it’s easy to find a fit for your style or camping gear aesthetic. Choose from army green, black, dark blue, grey, and red. The large size can be purchased in black or red.

Best Lightweight Hiking Blanket

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  • Long-lasting
  • Easily compactable
  • Inexpensive alternative to down


  • Good for temperatures down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fasteners are too far apart in the footbox for some users
  • Slippery so it falls off when not snapped

#6. Best Camping Blanket for Two: PUFFER WOLF Camping Blanket

This extra-large, double insulated PUFFER WOLF Camping Blanket is big enough for two people to share and 2 times puffier than similar quilts on the market. Windproof, rainproof, sand proof, and dustproof, this blanket was created for any adventure you have in mind.

The inside is filled with over 14 ounces of hypoallergenic PW700 featherlight denier insulation. This synthetic material is equivalent to 675 fill power. To prevent insulation from moving inside the blanket, the outer shell is made of tough 20D nylon with pockets.

This blanket measures 51” wide and 77” long fully lofted, but packs down to 5” x 5” x 12” in the included stuff sack. To make carrying this 1.5-pound blanket to and from your campsite easy, the waterproof bag features a handle.

The Puffer Wolf is both odor and stain-resistant. In terms of cleaning, simply throw this quilt in the washing machine line dry.

Best Camping Blanket for Two

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  • Warm down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Snaps at the top to turn the quilt into a hands-free poncho
  • Easy to compress into the included stuff sack


  • Some reviewers find this is best used in weather between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Few snaps that will not close around feet
  • Filling clumps to create cold spots
  • Only available in teal blue

Best Camping Blanket Buying Guide

As you read through our list of the best camping blankets, there may be some unfamiliar terms. Outdoor technology is evolving all the time, and if you haven’t bought a blanket in a while it’s easy to get lost in the details.

Overall, there are 4 factors to understand when shopping for a new blanket: outer materials, warming materials, uses, and features. In this buying guide, we will demystify all terminology and help you choose the best camping blanket for all of your needs.

Outer Materials

  • Polyester

Many camping blankets and are made with a polyester outer cover. Polyester is synthetic (man-made) and the third most common plastic material produced in the world. If you are concerned about the eco-friendliness of your gear, we suggest you skip ahead.

Polyester is renowned for three things. The ability to keep you warm even when it’s wet, fire-resistance, and lightweight. We recommend this material if you are looking for an inexpensive blanket you can use in wet or damp weather, in front of the campfire, and/or on backpacking excursions. As an added bonus, you can use a machine for washing and drying.

  • Acrylic

Typically found in athleticwear, acrylic is a man-made material known for moisture-wicking. Therefore, acrylic outer material is great for situations where the weather is wet or damp. This could be anything from morning dew on your hammock to condensation inside your tent.

Damp environments are no match for this mildew resistant material, and neither are campfires. Acrylic is fire-resistant, meaning it’s slower to ignite if it does catch on fire. Happily, this material is machine washable and dryable.

  • Nylon

Nylon is the go-to material for many waterproof products due to its fire-resistance and light weight. Nylon is lighter, stronger, and can pack smaller than polyester camping blankets. Additionally, Nylon can be washed in a machine but it’s best to hang-dry.

The term denier is frequently used to describe the thickness of nylon. The higher the number, the heavier the blanket. We recommend 20D for a good mix of durability and easy carrying.

  • Nylon Ripstop

If you are looking for the roughest, toughest blanket to take with you on your next camping adventure, look no further than nylon ripstop. Like nylon, nylon ripstop is machine washable and hung to dry to preserve durability.

Unlike nylon, this material stops rips in their tracks. This means a small hole won’t continue to spread into a large tear. This synthetic material gets its strength from the crosshatch weave of regular nylon with reinforced threads.

Not only will nylon ripstop last a long time, but it’s also waterproof, moisture-wicking, and resistant to flames. We recommend this material for any outdoor climate where a camping blanket is needed.

Warming Materials

  • Down

Down is either goose feathers, duck feathers, or a mixture of both. These feathers are lightweight and provide superior insulation by trapping body heat, known as lofting. Down is renowned for being breathable and comfortable.

An important term to know when it comes to choosing the best down camping blanket is fill power. Fill power describes the quality of the down and a higher number means stronger and larger feathers. The lower the outdoor temperatures, the higher the fill power you will need.

Those allergic to animal feathers or with objections to animal cruelty will want to look at other options. Down alternative is filled with cotton or synthetics like polyester, and provides an ethical, hypoallergenic substitute.

  • Wool

The warmest material on our list is 100% wool. Wool is made of fibers that hold air to insulate you from the cold. Also, this material can soak up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet, so it’s perfect for those chance-of-rain camping trips. Wool is also naturally fire-resistant.

Be aware, 100% wool is also the heaviest and scratchiest material on bare skin.

  • Fleece

Fleece is very similar to wool. It wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warm by keeping air inside. Unlike wool, fleece has the added benefits of being lighter and fire-resistant. Additionally, it is man-made for those living the vegan lifestyle.

Fleece is a great option if you want an affordable, warm material for hike-in camping and nights in front of the fire. If your tent condensates, you sweat at night, or you accidentally leave your fleece blanket in the rain, simply wring it out to dry!


  • Multi-Use

All of the camping blankets on our list are so versatile they can be used for multiple outdoor activities:

  1. Hiking
  2. Backpacking
  3. Sports games
  4. Picnics
  5. Concerts
  6. Beach
  • Size

To determine the size you need, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What are your dimensions compared to the dimensions of the blanket?
  2. Do you want a blanket big enough to double for extra warmth?
  3. Will multiple people will be sharing the blanket?
  • Weight

Weight is a key factor if you are hiking in or backpacking to your campsite. If you mostly car camp, weight is less of an issue.

  • Compressibility

The ability to compress your blanket becomes important if it needs to be packed in a small space. We recommend going for highly compactable blankets if you plan on packing your blanket in a day pack, backpack, or a small space in your car or bug out bag.

Camping Blankets FAQ

Can I use a Regular Blanket for Camping?

The answer is…it depends. Weather is the biggest factor that will determine if you can get by with traditional blankets. When camping in a place where the overnight temperature stays above 60, you can get by with blankets from your bed.

Will the location be wet? Does your tent condensate? If so, we recommend purchasing a waterproof blanket. such as the Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket or the Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket.

Can Camping Blankets Handle Bad Weather?

The good news is, there are plenty of available camping blankets that can keep you dry and warm in the rain, snow, or winter temps! They may be a bit more expensive, but you’ll want to invest in camping blankets that will protect you from the elements.

In the first answer, we listed our two pics for waterproof blankets. To stay warm, our two favorite cold-weather blankets are the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket and the PUFFER WOLF Camping Blanket.

Can I Use the Same Blanket for Tents and Hammocks?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is that you will be most comfortable with the addition of a sleeping pad or an insulating underquilt to lay under your body.

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