Kitesurfing at Hawkers Cove Cornwall

Hawkers cove and Harbour Cove are the same bit of sand. Located in North Cornwall at the edge of the Camel estuary. With the right wind this is a kitesurfers paradise.

Hawkers cove is kiteable on a NNE to SSE wind.  With NE and SSE being the cleanest winds. Be wary of the large tidal current, at mid tide there can be a considerable pull in/out to sea so be wary of times when wind and tide may work together and make self rescue more difficult.

Hawkers Cove Kitesurfing FAQ

Where can I park?

There is a farmers car park about a 500m walk from the beach. Head to Lellizzick and you’ll see a sign on your right for parking.

What wind can you kite at hawkers cove

Hawkers is best ridden from a NNE to SSE wind.

When can I kitesurf at Hawkers cove?

You can’t kitesurf between 10am – 6pm during the months of July and August.

Can I Kite at High Tide

It is possible to kite at high tide as there is a small amount of beach exposed.

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