Best Camping Tables

If you’re going to be camping with the kids, or staying put and using the campsite as a base there are some necessary equipment pieces, here at Feral Escape we rate camping tables to be up there. First things first it’s worth weighing up if you need one. While we were camping in Yellowstone a camping table was provided by the campsite so it would have been pretty worthless taking one with us.

If you’re keen to get a quick view of the tables covered in this article you can review this comparison table.

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Do you need a camping table?


If you’re planning on being active for long periods of time and not lounging around camp besides grabbing a quick bite to eat then you can probably make do without or with a very lightweight table. If you’re backpacking then a camping table is out.

Campsite Suitability?

If you’re going to be camping on an uneven surface it goes without saying a table isn’t going to be worth it. In this instance do some research on the sites you’ll be pitching on as there is no point in taking a table that isn’t going to sit level. There are some self levelling tables which we cover in this article.

Types of Camping Tables


Collapsing tables often have soft material surfaces which facilitate their breakdown. They are great if you travel in a car with limited space as some table tops are hard to fit into smaller SUV’s. They’re often very lightweight so a real plus if you’re travelling around with their major flaw being less suitable for more sustained use.


Folding tables will typically fold in on themselves and hide away their legs. Folding legs often have the option to be adjustable which makes these tables most suited to be used on uneven ground.


Dining tables have integrated seats within the table base itself. I fondly remember the days camping on the Isles of scilly when I was a boy sitting on a collapsable dining table. It weighed 15kg and was a nightmare to transport but was a solid support for young family.

Our Best Camping Tables of 2017

Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

The most robust and durable table in our list is perfect for large groups or families who have big demands for space. This folding table is made of HDPE plastic is fully UV and rust protected so you can take it to the beach or down to the lake and not worry about it being damaged by the elements. We like it because of it’s three height variations and that it’s really easy to clean. It’s on the heavier side so be prepared to build some muscle while carrying this around as it comes in at just under 20 pounds.

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ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

This lightweight (7 pounds) table is really compact and quick to set up perfect for more mature groups who have less intense table needs. 4 cup holders are a nice touch to maximise space on the surface for food or those evening games. 27 by 27 inches is enough space to prepare simple meals for 4 or less, the non adjustable nature of the legs can be annoying but overall this table does it’s job perfectly and can pack down to fit in those compact spaces in the back of the car.

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Kalili Ultralight Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Table

The smallest and lightest table on our list, this table has a slotted aluminium top enabling it to roll and compress into a small sleeve weighing just 2 pounds. This is the perfect size for a solo camping trip and is usable as two, great for prepping, cooking and eating simple camp meals. Great for getting yourself off the ground as stooping over to cook with your burner on the floor soon gets tiring.

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Edoking Folding Table with 4 Folding Stools

Our choice for family camping as it has nifty seats which fit right into the table when it’s collapsed. Weighing in at 16 pounds this is manageable to carry, we also love the aluminum frame and HDPE top which make it easy to clean and resist the elements. For larger groups look no further.

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Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

The best we often feel is kept till last, the Coleman table is our best camping table as it’s the perfect balance between all the key features a camping table should possess. It has flexible height legs which solving any issues with uneven ground, it’s aluminum surface and legs are resistant to weather, heat and are really easy to clean. It’s light at 9 pounds so can easily be carried to the campsite. Finally it’s big enough to site 4 people round and enjoy a hearty campsite dinner.

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